Packing Tips

  • Wrap each item individually.
  • Use sturdy cartons that are designed for household removals.
  • Put heavy items into smaller boxes for easy lifting.
  • Never overfill a carton. As a guide one person should be able to comfortably lift a packed carton unaided.
  • Put heavy things at the bottom of any carton to ensure you avoid crushing other items.
  • Pad out space within a carton with crushed white paper to ensure there is no movement within the carton during the move.
  • Mark each box with the name of the room it is going to go into and a brief description of contents (you"ll appreciate this when you have to unpack!).
  • Mark fragile boxes clearly
  • Tape each carton closed when it is full.
  • Make sure cartons are packed the right way up.
  • Always pack the carton to the very top and to both sides, any voids can cause the carton to crush or items to be damaged.
  • Take care when reopening cartons if cutting the tape with a knife. You would not want to damage the contents.

We will advise from the outset, on the correct way to go about the whole operation, importantly, on how to avoid the necessity of paying duty on your personal effects when importing in to Tenerife, the Canary Islands or Mainland Spain.

We can also provide you with an easy move guide to take you through the whole process from 2 months before you move, up to and including the day you do move, even giving advice on how to pack your coveted belongings. Please contact us for further details.

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